Cliff Baaij – Freelance Photographer.

I shoot action. Concerts, shows, venues: all Performing-Arts. Even if the stage is an approx. 5000 sq. metres green field.  All about axcting and performing. Musicians, dancers and athletes.  Their drive to make the most of their talents and to show it to their world.  The chemistry in between,  The space I view and research. That challenge is my passion!

NL Overgangsklasse 2016-2017 – Anne Wijkstra

In this kind of photography  there’s no control of almost any parameter in the picture. The object being photographed, dazzling over a stage or battling in an arena, can’t be directed. There’s no control over the lighting, which is constantly changing, and there’s hardly access to any angle.
On top of that, there are people around me who are enjoying the show, the match …the performance. Sometimes they’ve to pay good money to view and they don’t care that they are in my frame. And sometimes I’m limited to a certain period in which I’m allowed to to shoot. Sounds like a mission impossible…

Sue the Night

Sue the Night @TivoliVredenburg 2016

The exciting thing however is being so close to so much talent, and the energy it produces.  An amazing image in this perfect storm. That shot, really loud or deadly quiet.
A split second of myself.

– Cliff Baaij –